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Marina Hanayo
[[EGdhZmJyMTI= o zig-sharko|250px]]


Hanayo Marina






Main Protagonist


1,45 m


Sharko, Bernie, Zig(not always)


September 15 1999


Sharko (love insterest)

 Zig & Bernie (friends)

Voiced by

Kathy Erison

Marina is a mermaid and the tritagonist in the series. She lives in a house at the bottom of the sea, though she sits on top of a rock in the middle of the sea during the day, far off the coast of the island.

She is very sweet and childlike in nature. She is constantly hunted by Zig who desires to eat her. Her bodyguard/boyfriend Sharko, however is always there to ruin his plans. She seems blissfully unaware of Zigs intentions, as she is generally friendly whenever she sees him. She is a very good singer, but Sharko doesn't like to hear her. She often plays volleyball or table-tennis with Sharko. Sharko isn't the only person seeking her affections. King Neptune also loves her, and tries to buy her affection with lavish gifts. A giant male manta ray tried to woo her in the episode, "The Challengers".

Although normally kindhearted, Marina can be somewhat selfish at times, and cries when she doesn't get her way. She's also shown to have a temper when pushed to her limits.

Marina loves to try new things, and is always dabbling in different areas throughout the show. She has tried her hand at nursing (Nurse Marina), being a flight stewardess (Mermaid in the sky), and a lifeguard (Save the hyena!).

Nonetheless, Marina is compassionate, polite, and willing to do anything to help her friends in need.

Family MembersEdit

  • Unnamed Sailor Father
  • Unnamed Mermaid Mother
  • Zig (best friends(or at least she thinks so))
  • Bernie (Best Friend) (One Time her pet)
  • Sharko (bodyguard/boyfriend


Marina is tanned, with dark red hair, and a green mermaid tail. She wears a green bra and a yellow starfish in her hair.


  • She lost her mermaid tail in the episode (Fancy Footwork).
  • Marina mostly acted like Ketta from Breadwinners
  • She can walk on her tail, as if they were legs.


Image-Marina's Despair

Marina's Despair (Episode 69 from Zig and Sharko)

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