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Sharko Hanayo




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Sharko is a shark and the antagonist of the show. He is Marina's boyfriend and protects her from being eaten by Zig. Sharko is very strong and would do anything for Marina, giving a big thrashing to whoever tries to harm her or himself .He'll do whatever Marina asks to make her happy, even if it means doing something he doesn't like or finds unsafe. He seems to like table-tennis very much.


Sharko is very protective of Marina and will do anything to keep other people from taking her. He is also very serious when it comes to fighting Zig and his friend Bernie. He is a very willing person, often doing whatever Marina is doing to keep her happy, even though he occasionally reailizes that Marina's desires can result in some dangerous consequences (See Nurse Marina, Mermaid in the sky, and Goofy Astronauts). He also has an obsession with Table Tennis even going as far as to abandon Marina and leave her with his idiot hammer cousin (See the episode HammerHead Cousin). He does acts mainly as a grumpy kind of bodyguard rarely smiling and leaving the Marina's side. Sharko also seams to have some sort of flirtaceous side to him (See Manic Mermaid). He gets embarrased when his parents come even though he is around the age of 40. Even though he finds clever ways to comically defeat Zig. He has shown to have a small brain about 1/2 the size of Bernie. Despite his antagonism with Zig, it's revealed he becomes lonely and sad without Zig around to beat up (See "Goin' Home). 


Sharko looks like a large Great White Shark with a long snought and a fin that can act like a blade. He is dark blue in colour and has a grey belly. He also has sharp teeth which he uses with great proficiency.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Sharko is amazingly strong being able to lift up Volcano Island (although with strain), throw the exact same island with one hand, Throw a ship as if it was a javellin and was even strong enough to take down King Neptune (although King Neptune didn't have his trident) He is also super fast, so fast in fact that he can create impossible feats such as cutting sand, cutting through water like paper and outrunning a dolphin despite being a regular non classified shark. He has also been able to do scientifically impossible feats such as breathing on land. running on his dorsal fins, and surviving having his brains pulled out. He is also a clever shark as well. He also appears to know some hand to hand combat in Judo.


Sharko's main weakness is electricity, everytime he gets shocked his is unconciouss for a long period of time. Sharko has an extreme dislike for bagpipe music, he can't stand being around it. He also cannot hurt anyone or anything that Marina likes in order to keep her happy even when he's about to reach his breaking point.


  • Occasionally when Sharko is scared, falling or injured, he screams almost exactly like Courage the Cowardly Dog.
  • It is revealed that he can't break through bamboo.

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