File:Zig & Sharko The Manic Mermaid
 Marina fights for the attention of Sharko when another beautiful mermaid appears on the reef.

Section heading

Her physical appearance is pale alabaster skin, blue eyes, long blond hair tied up in a high ponytail with a pink hair tie, a blue bikini top and a tail of the same color. Her main goal is to have Sharko all to herself. At one point, she and Marina start throwing objects at one another. Her Fate is that as she's hurling a fish at Marina, a hat lands on her, she looks up and sees an old sea captain staring down at her, she smiles sheepishly and tries to hand it back to him, but he uses a crane yanks her up and takes her away.       

About the manic mermaid

The manic mermaid makes zig to eat marina to prevent from sharko from loving her.

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