The Strange Boatman is a minor character in the series, he is mostly nearsighted and in every episode he has been in he has crashed his cargo boat into the Volcanic Island and either swims away, jumps off, or abandons his ship, where Zig finds the cargo and uses it for different things. He appears to be of Asian descent.

In season 2, he is replaced by the Cargo Pilot.

Cargo Known

1. Bamboo (Bamboozled)

2. Lego-like Bricks (Silly Builders)

3. An elephant (Zig's Jumbo Friend)

4. A Book on Leonardo Da Vinci (Caution, Genius at Work!)

5. Origami Paper (Origami)

6. Space Fruit - Which were made into potions (Space Fruits)

7. Various Toys (Toys Attack!)

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