The Were-Yena is the 67th episode in Season 1, In this Episode is about Everytime Zig ate a banana, he will change into a 'Were-yena' for a while, and attacks the Mermaid to eat her, of course, Sharko tried to stop him, but its the powerful Zig his dealing with.


  • Zig
  • Sharko
  • Marina
  • Bernie
  • The Monkey [Or a Gorilla?]


It all started Zig was reading a Book/Magazine about being Muscular, he was thinking if his Muscular, In Zig's mind, He held Sharko, while in the muscular form, Marina is also holding the Red card. They are all in the ring, Zig also get Marina with his tongue. He swallowed Marina, he pat Sharko while Sharko's crying [Because Sharko failed protecting her.] His mind ends, Zig also try to Flex to see if his strong, but he has a little bicep. He smiled after, but it falls to his Tricep, meaning his not strong, which depress him. Until Bernie was watching him for a whole time. He drag Zig to the Gym telling Zig that he should workout, but Zig refuses, he get the same Mazagine/Book from earlier, showing the drink to make him Muscular. Bernie started to think, and finally got an idea.

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