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Guard of Hyenas (Enemy)


Zieran "Zig" Tokyo is a very hungry Hyena (designated hyena name: Tano Anl Unit Hungry Hyena) (Born in Sanday 32, 2013, Died in August 11, 88, Reborn in 2088) and the main antagonist (sometimes as protagonist) in the Series. who always wants to catch Marina and eat her with his Hyena-made inventions with the help of his hermit crab friend Bernie. Sadly his ailly Sharko always catches him and Zig always ends up getting beat up by Sharko.

Human Appearance Edit

Zig as Human

Zig has an Human was Boat crashing an Zig wants finds Cargo things.

First Appearance Edit

  • Fishy Story

Abilities and Powers

Zig, despite his shabby body and inability to fight, is able to withstand many blows on him, as he miraculously recovers the next second. Despite his good luck, he sometimes manages to defeat or take out Sharko for a time, as shown in "Horribly Hungry Hyena" and "Desert Island Drought". He and Bernie are also able to build beautiful, great, and angelic houses very quickly and easily, something that Sharko. Zig is also shown to be very agile and able to swim in or even run on water very quickly. Zig also can make a good impression on people, as shown in "Loony Cruise", where a woman becomes smitten with him when he blows a kiss for her as gratitude.

Character DateEdit

  • Hair Color - Brown
  • Fur Color - Brown
  • Eye Color - Red
  • Tummy Color - Grey
  • Nose Color - Black
  • Mane Color - Black


Trivia Edit

  • He always makes the same Yaaaaaahhh noise every time he hurt, flung, or beaten by Sharko was Bob Beating Oggy was Hurt.
  • His voice is similar to one of Marky's laughter in Oggy and the cockroaches and Jenny XJ9 Wakeman from MLAATR.
  • Zig as Cockroaches.
  • He is Similiar to Wile e Coyote.

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