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Mermaid Hunter




Main Antagonist/Part time Protagonist


44-45 cm


Bernie, Tiger (sometimes), Sharko (sometimes), Marina (sometimes)

Main enemies

Sharko (sometimes), Gorilla, Tiger (sometimes), Monkeys, Octopus Mother, Elephant Family


Bad/Neutral, Good (in Season 2)


Moetta (Love Insterest)
Hyena Guards (Enemies)

Too many parameters

Zig is a very hungry hyena and the main antagonist and sometimes protagonist in the Zig and Sharko series, he is always wanting to catch Marina and eat her with his hyena-made inventions and gadgets with the help of his hermit crab friend Bernie. Sadly his enemy Sharko always catches him and Zig always ends up getting beaten up by him.

Zig in zig & sharko season 2

Zig is the main protagonist in season 2

Abilities and Powers

Zig, despite his shabby body and inability to fight, is able to withstand many blows on him, as he miraculously recovers the next second. He usually have a hyena family in "Going Home". Despite his good luck, he sometimes manages to defeat or take out Sharko for a time, as shown in "Horribly Hungry Hyena" and "Desert Island Drought". He and Bernie are also able to build beautiful, great, and angelic houses very quickly and easily, something that Sharko. Zig is also shown to be very agile and able to swim in or even run on water very quickly. Zig also can make a good impression on people, as shown in "Loony Cruise", where a woman becomes smitten with him when he blows a kiss for her as gratitude.

Personality Edit

Cunning and manipulative, Zig will do anything to catch Marina. He has a brilliant mind to come up with ideas to try and catch her and get rid of Sharko, which always backfire on him.

Due to his hunger, and the limited supply of food on the island, Zig is desperate to catch Marina so he can eat her, even willing to take advantage of her naive nature in order to trap her. However despite that, he has shown moments where he had a soft spot for her. When Marina was crying in "Marina's New Friend", Zig didn't have the heart to hurt her; even crying. He also has been shown to cooperate with Sharko to protect Marina from danger; even moments where he was friendly towards her and not trying to eat her, even hanging out with her for a bit in "War of the Clones".

Out of all the people he's interacted with, Bernie is Zig's only true friend, who he respects, most of the time. Zig's willing to put past his ways if Bernie is in trouble or missing. Whenever his confidence is low, Zig can always rely on Bernie to cheer him up. He has no girlfriend , however the hyena in "Goin' Home" episode really must have liked him a lot and felt sorry for him and his actions. He did try to make a good impression on her though.

Appearance Edit

Zig is a scrawny brown hyena with large teeth, red eyes, a dark brown mane, thin and long arms, short legs and a grey belly

Weaknesses Edit

Zig's main weakness is that he is much weaker than the brutish Sharko.


See Zig/Gallery.

Trivia Edit

  • He always makes the same" Yaaaaaahhh" noise every time he hurt, flung, or beaten by Sharko
  • Zig appeared in the 100 Best Character Around the World.
  • He can put the hands in pocket even if is naked.
  • Due to his lack of stereotypical spotted hyena spots, There is a possibility that Zig could be or is based on the brown hyena since the species is known to be present in coastal regions.

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