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Plot Edit

Zig the Hyena lives all alone on a desert island whose main goal is to eat Marina the Mermaid. But her bodyguard/best friend was as shark named Sharko who protects her from being eaten by Zig. In season 2, Marina decided to prepare a huge sand castle on the island and invites her ocean friends to join her.

Introduced Villains Edit

Princess Torteltta Edit

A doll owned by Sharko that was based on his favorite TV show, "The Oceancorns". She was later a villain in the episode, "Princess Torteltta (episode)". Sharko spent the grocery money for her in "Adventures in Baby Squidsitting". Sharko then forced Marina to use her as firewood to roast marshmallows at the end of the episode. She even returned in "Princess Torteltta (episode)" as Princess Torteltta II that usually looks like the original, except that she has no tiara. But she used Sharko's mind to turn her real. Marina and her friends then turned her back into a lifeless doll. At the end of the episode, it was usually shown that she might still be alive.

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